My Vision

My desire is to impact women’s minds, to touch their hearts, and to ignite their passion, creativity, and joy for those who want a different life but need guidance on how to access the tools within themselves to align with their true desires and create their desired outcome.

Ashley’s Story

“When you come out of this storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

Do you know your deepest fear/s or is it realized once it’s staring you in your face? I thought I overcame my fears until my deepest fear was my reality. I felt pain wash over me and I suffered for a few days that at the time led me to believe I was going to die. After two days of not being able to hold anything in my stomach that entered my body, I began laughing at myself with the realization that I was causing my own suffering through my thoughts. It wasn’t what had transpired that caused me to suffer but me replaying the experience in my head caused myself to relive that painful experience. From there I made a decision to rise in spite of the pain and to be true to myself in the process. Healing begins with the spirit, from within. I learned the power of my beliefs and how it shaped my reality and created challenges to help me to step into my best self. To move away from thinking and being small and letting my light shine. Knowing the power of the mind and how to navigate to move in the direction of my deepest desires give me a purpose,  I’m able to share what I’ve learned to help others step into their own personal power as we continue on this journey together.